About The Artist

Syrian Canadian artist Lina Faroussi is an international award-winning visual artist. She has exhibited her work throughout the Middle East, Europe, Canada, and the United States.
Faroussi’s artworks have been published many times in international art books and magazines. And she has won multiple awards for her distinctive artwork.
Lina’s passion for art has long been expressed in acrylic combined with a variety of mixed media. Her distinctive and emotive work might be described as internal landscapes.
"In my painting,  I try to convey emotion or an idea rather than a reality. Each one of my paintings mirrors a different state of mind, a spiritual moment, a doubtful moment or , an echo from the past reflecting my Middle Eastern background…..My work reveals many levels of emotion.
I can relate myself to expressionism and figurative art style!  Most of my artwork depict human figures, it is dream figures reflecting real emotions 
Lina started a small business and created her own brand, “Lina’s”, for the  "Art on Fabric" line , digitally printing some of her original paintings onto different fabrics as wearable art and interior design items & home décor accessories.