Path to Freedom Series

" Path To Freedom" series

This series of paintings has been the hardest on me because it was a direct reflection of my distressed emotions as I stood by, with the rest of the world, while my beautiful home Syria is being destroyed.  all I could do is to let my brush transforms my feelings into lines and in some cases escape from the atrocities of this war hoping for a better tomorrow.

Each one of my paintings mirrors a different state of mind, a spiritual moment, a doubtful moment conversing with God, or merely a realistic ugly truth. To me it's a journey and a price to reach a higher goal, it's our path to freedom.

As for my viewers, I hope they will connect with the paintings on one level or another, maybe they will see their own journey, their own path in the lines, colors, or shadows of my art.

But despite all the pain and desperation, there is always hope. A hope that all the losses and sacrifices made by our people will never go in vain and that soon we will be witnessing the birth of a free Syria.