A Parallel World Within Series

A Parallel World Within Series

There’s a lot more to the world than we can imagine. In our search for meaning in this life, it helps to explore that which is beyond this physical realm. Lina’s Parallel World Within Series features a selection of paintings that explore the spiritual realm and parallel worlds. These paintings are a reflection of Lina’s own quest to discover worlds that are parallel to ours.

‘I’m in a spiritual relentless search for a new belief, a new word. A world, maybe parallel to ours, but existing in a different dimension. A world with no preconceptions, molds or reasoning.I’m calling on my parallel world to be revealed, my moons to appear and for my stars to lighten my way. I pray for harmony and a sense of oneness where my body melts and merges with others passing through. Walls, obstacles, boundaries or just a pathway. It’s merely a matter of perspective and a state of mind.’

‘My landscape is mysterious but yet full of promises. Rocks and mountains with no gravity or rules, shaped and flying like air balloons, reaching up to the sky, aspiring to be at the top edge of the world, waiting to be called.’

Lina’s Parallel World Within Series features paintings that will take you on a journey to worlds beyond your imagination. The paintings will evoke raw emotions with their vivid imagery. Explore the spiritual realm and begin that inner conversation on your journey to self-discovery.  

Explore our meditation abstract art collection and discover paintings in Acrylic and mixed media, including, clay and sand.  Lina’s original paintings are available in a variety of sizes to meet different needs and requirements. Whether you’re looking for an extra-large painting to cover a wall or a small piece to add to your collection, you’re sure to find a piece that will meet your needs.