A Parallel World Within Series

A Parallel World Within Series

In this series, 'A Parallel World Within', I'm in a spiritual relentless search for a new belief, a new world. A world, that maybe parallel to ours, but exists in a different dimension. A world with no preconceptions, molds, or reasoning.

I’m calling on my parallel world to be revealed, my moons to appear, and for my stars to lighten my way.

I pray for harmony and a sense of oneness where my body melts and merges with others passing through.

Walls, obstacles, boundaries, or just a pathway. It's merely a matter of perspective and a state of mind.

My landscape is mysterious yet full of promises. Rocks and mountains with no gravity or rules, shaped and flying like air balloons, reaching up to the sky, aspiring to be at the top edge of the world, waiting to be called.