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Original Paintings

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Art On Fabric "Lina's" - Limited Edition


Lina Faroussi

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Looking for a way to express your unique style and ideas? Abstract art is the perfect way to express ideas and emotions and Lina’s art store is a great place to find unique and original artwork for sale. Welcome to our online contemporary art store. You’ll find a wide variety of original abstract paintings and prints that offer a great way to express your innermost thoughts, unique style or simply show off your artistic side.

Beyond Beauty

Here at Lina’s Art Store you’ll find original art pieces that are not only beautiful but also emotive. Lina Faroussi, the international artist behind Lina’s Art Store, is committed to expressing those innermost thoughts and feelings that we often find difficult to put in words. Her expression painting pieces mirror different states of mind and of being. Shop pieces that reflect those doubtful moments in life or a moment of peace and clarity.

Lina’s art is a great way to express your emotions and unique style. These art pieces can help you create just the right mood in a room. Why not wear a scarf that features abstract art that expresses your current state of mind? Visit our online store now and shop our collection to discover original art that expresses many levels of emotion and make it part of your day to day life.

Lina’s a distant echo from the past that reflects her Middle Eastern background. These contemporary art pieces feature vibrant colors and texture. Every single piece digs deep into different layers of emotion. It’s not uncommon to experience different emotions with the same art piece. Shop your original artwork and begin your own journey to uncovering different layers of emotions and your adventure to discovering your unique style.

Affordable original art

Are you looking for a unique art piece to add to your collection? Perhaps you’re just starting out and want an expressive piece to set you off on your journey of discovery. You can buy affordable original art right here on Lina’s Art Store. Browse our selection of art to discover emotive pieces that offer great opportunity for self-expression. We feature paintings in different sizes and at varying prices. Browse our selection and buy original art without breaking the bank.

Surround yourself with art

At Lina’s Art Store, we believe that art isn’t something that should be confined to the walls of a room or a corner in your home. Lina’s art is an expression of our different states of mind. It is an expression of our innermost thoughts and feelings. With our art fabrics you can now express your feelings, thoughts and emotions however you wish. Wear a scarf to express your unique style or to reflect your current state of mind. Hang up art curtains to breathe life into your space and add a unique touch to your décor. Create the right mood at your dinner table with an art table runner.

Thank you for visiting Lina’s Art Store. Shop our selection to find art pieces that give life to your thoughts and emotions.