Peeling Layers Series

Nothing stays the same in life. We change as time passes and many of us begin to forget who we really are. The Peeling Layers Series features paintings by international award winning artist Lina Faroussi that explore the past with a view of gaining a better understanding of the present.

They say β€œyou have to know your past to understand the present”. I know my past, but my memories are fading and replaced by newly created ones. Therefore, I need to peel the layers, I need to secure them. And as I’m peeling, a vortex of memories crowds my realm and I see blue, my Mediterranean blue, the color of my city, the only thing clear and dominant in my mind!

I wonder how we learn throughout the years to adjust and adapt, just like fish migrating from ocean to freshwater, we learn to change our ways of life. And I ask myself, can we really completely adapt?

The Peeling Layers Series includes paintings that will take you on your own journey of self-discovery. The paintings feature bright and vibrant colors and shapes that will draw you in. They will get you thinking about your inner self and help you start that important conversation as you begin your journey to exploring your true self.

If you’re looking for artwork that will not only add interest to your space but also get people thinking and talking, you can’t go wrong with Lina’s surrealism painting pieces. These pieces include acrylic and mixed media paintings. The mixed media paintings feature a variety of media including clay, fabric, Japanese paper and gel.

Shop now to purchase your abstract painting in the size that best suits your needs. Lina’s art is available in various sizes including oversize pieces for that dramatic effect. Shop our collection now to find the perfect piece for your space.