In Between Series

Love, fear, anger, sadness, loneliness; these are just a few emotions that we experience and find difficult to express. The In Between Series is a collection of emotional paintings by international award winning artist, Lina Faroussi. This selection of paintings expresses many of those emotions that we often prefer to keep to ourselves. They offer you the opportunity to express those emotions in a safe and yet powerful way.

Whether you’re looking to express yourself or simply want an art piece that will add interest to your space, a painting from the In Between Series would be a great addition to any space. These paintings not only feature vibrant colors and shapes but are sure to evoke emotions but also textures that intensify these emotions. By using mixed media which includes materials such as paper, gels and clay, Lina adds a third dimension to these paintings that brings them to life. This third element evokes those raw emotions that we’d often prefer to leave hidden deep within.

Lina’s artwork is not just great to look at but also a great conversation starter. The In Between Series offers viewers the opportunity to delve deeper into their hearts and minds. These contemporary pieces are great for just about any setting.

Shop our selection of paintings to find the perfect piece for your space. The art pieces are available in a variety of sizes to meet varying needs. Whether you need a small painting to add to an existing gallery or an extra-large painting for a more dramatic effect, you’re sure to find a painting in the size that meets your needs right here.

Shop our collection and buy an art piece that expresses those emotions you’ve buried deep within. Lina’s art will give you the opportunity to express yourself.