Healing Series

This world is full of hurt and pain. Many of us are mentally, physical or emotionally exhausted. We all struggle in our own way with our burdens on a day to day basis. Some have deeper wounds than others. They are all scars and we all need to find a way to heal.

The Healing Series from Lina Faroussi offers a way to express those deep seated emotions that we often prefer to live buried. Lina’s art offers you a powerful yet safe way to express those emotions that you find difficult to put in words.

Lina’s art is an expression of her own journey to healing. β€˜In this series, I was trying to open up to my own wounds to allow myself to discover my insight, to transform myself to my core and while I was painting, I started feeling relieved and experienced healing with my art.’

β€œThe process of healing does not end when the wounds are no longer visible, it ends when the wounds no longer ache.” While the healing series will not provide you with a magic pill to get rid of the suffering, they offer a stepping stone in the healing process. Healing is a process that not only involves the will but also self-expression. Through self-expression, one can be more aware of their feelings, thoughts and state of being. Self-expression gives you the power to manage your feelings and behaviors.

The Healing Series features acrylic and mixed media paintings on canvas or wood panels. Mixed media paintings in this series feature a wide range of media including fabric, clay, Japanese paper and gel. This series features artwork that offers you a starting point for that all important internal conversation.

Β β€œYou never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”

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