Original Abstract Paintings

Looking for contemporary art for sale? Shop our abstract expression art collection and discover a wide range of emotive art pieces. Lina’s original abstract art offers a great way to express emotions as well as your unique style.

Original abstract paintings for sale

Are you looking for an original piece of art to breathe life into your office, home or space? Lina’s abstract artwork will do just that and much more. Lina’s art features vibrant colors and shapes that are sure to add an element of interest while breathing life into your space. Her original pieces are emotive too. Lina’s work expresses a wide range of emotions. Shop our collection of abstract paintings and discover paintings that express joy, love, confusion, doubt and many other emotions. They are a mirror into the past and a window into the future.

These highly expressive pieces are sure to draw attention no matter where you choose to display them. Each art piece reveals many levels of emotion. It is not surprising to experience different emotions every time you gaze upon the same painting. They are a reflection of our innermost thoughts and emotions. The pieces are done in different media to add interest. Whether you’re looking for an acrylic painting on canvas or want to add a unique touch with mixed media art, you’re sure to find something interesting right here.

Art to meet your needs

Big art, long art, thin art or small art, our collection features art in a wide variety of sizes to meet different needs. Our collection even features large or oversized artworks for that dramatic effect. The paintings feature a wide variety of media including acrylic, oil and mixed media which may include unconventional media such as fabric, clay, paper and gel. Whether you’re looking for an abstract acrylic painting, an oil canvas painting or a wood panel painting, you’ll find artwork here that will help you achieve the effect that you’re going for in your space.

Lina is committed to spreading her love for artistic expression with the world. Her paintings are available for shipping worldwide. Shop our collection and discover original artwork available at an affordable price. You can be the proud owner of an original piece of expressive artwork from an award winning international artist without breaking the bank.

Start shopping now to find the art piece that will meet your needs. Take advantage of our affordable prices to grow or start your art collection.