Add a touch of art to your everyday with abstract art curtains from our collection. Our collection features abstract art on curtains that are reproductions of the original abstract paintings by international award-winning visual artist, LinaFaroussi. These abstract curtains feature pieces that will get you to explore your own journey through life.

Use these modern art curtains to breathe life in your space. The vibrant colors and emotive pieces are sure to be a point of interest in any room. Whether your style is traditional, modern or industrial, these abstract art curtains will be the perfect complement to your room’s theme. These curtains are a creative way to add art in any space. Let Lina’s art be your choice to express your personal style.

Our collection features standard sized sheers that allow light into your room while providing privacy during the day and night. Buy your curtains and own a creative work of art for an affordable price.

β€œMy paintings convey emotion and ideas rather than reality. Each piece is a look into a spiritual moment. They are reflections of different states of mind and echoes of the past.”