A New Beginning

At some point in our life, we are forced to leave our comfort zone, our safe space in search of new beginnings.

Early on, we are eager to start our series of firsts, the first day of college, first job, first apartment, and the first of many to come.

Later in life, we sometimes find ourselves, again, in a place where we need to reset, and start all over. But with every step, there are always decisions to be made, obstacles to be crossed and fears to be conquered.

We learn to adapt, create new patterns and adopt certain rituals that will set our path where we want it to be.

We find strength from within, from loved ones, friendships, or total strangers that open our eyes to new possibilities in life.

It's true, that we don't choose to be born, but the choice of how we live is our own, and so we create our own safe zone, our own rituals, and patterns of life. We surround ourselves with what matters the most and welcome with a smile what is yet to come.